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APRN Legislation - the work continues!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Paula Christianson-Silva

The Work Continues - Thank You!

Dear supporters of Arizona nursing and SB1473:

Thank you for your active and continued support for our important APRN legislation, SB1473.

Nurses packed the senate health committee hearing earlier this week.  APRN leaders and our supporters made an excellent presentation. But the sponsor of our bill, Nancy Barto, decided to delay the vote in the committee because it was apparent that we did not have enough votes to pass it.

The APRN coalition leaders are working to revise SB1473 it so that it can be reintroduced.

The outpouring of public support for SB1473 has been truly astounding. Nearly 12,000 pro-SB1473 emails have been sent to legislators, in addition to another 1,000 or so signed letters of support. Hundreds of nurses have turned out for the Committee of Reference hearing in December, Lobby Day in January and, of course, the committee hearing this week.

Our work continues. This fight goes on. We will keep you informed as this legislation is made stronger, and we will call on you again to show that Arizona nurses and nursing supporters are united. For the most up to date information be sure to visit and for AzNA members, please read your weekly newsletter 'AzNA Today'.

Thank you!