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SAZAPN/NPS Meeting at Arizona Inn on Thursday, April 21 at 6PM

Posted over 2 years ago by Paula Christianson-Silva

Please join us for our SAZAPN/NPS Meeting on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6 PM.  We will have a 30 minute business meeting followed by an educational program:

"An Effective Treatment Option in COPD Care: Improving Lung Function with Maintenance Therapy for COPD" with Afshin Reza Sam, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona.

Program Location: Arizona Inn, 2200 E. Elm Street, Tucson, AZ 85719

Please RSVP to the Meeting by writing your full name in a Comment below.  If you later decide you are unable to attend, you can let us know with another comment.  Thank you!




Paula Christianson-Silva over 2 years ago

Paula Christianson-Silva

Kaitlyn Spradling over 2 years ago

Kaitlyn Spradling

Katarzyna Wegner over 2 years ago

katarzyna cal

Li-Ting Sudano over 2 years ago

Li-Ting Sudano

Angel Poston over 2 years ago

angelita poston

Jody Agins over 2 years ago

Jody Agins

Chayene Albuquerque over 2 years ago

Chayene Albuquerque - Plan on Attending. Thanks!

Ashlyn Dumais over 2 years ago

I'll be there

Amy Bauer over 2 years ago

Amy Bauer

Mary Fahey over 2 years ago

Mary Fahey

Steve Edelman over 2 years ago

Steve Edelman is Attending

Kristen Perrill over 2 years ago

Nikki Perrill.

Donna Mcarthur over 2 years ago

Donna McArthur

Janna Clark-Deuel over 2 years ago

Please save me a seat. I'm planning to attend.
Thank You

Shannon Fennie over 2 years ago

Shannon Fennie

Kathy Aprahamian Marquez over 2 years ago

Kathy Aprahamian and georgette George will attend

Lorene Jones over 2 years ago

Lorene Jones

Michael Mayette over 2 years ago

Michael Mayette, thank you

Nancy Denny over 2 years ago

Nancy Denny. Thanks!

Lauren Miller over 2 years ago

Lauren Miller

Janice Alexander over 2 years ago

Janice Alexander

Justin Tutaan over 2 years ago

Justin Tutaan, Thank you.

Charissa Kamps over 2 years ago

Charissa Kamps. Thx!

Charissa Kamps over 2 years ago

Donna Rowe

Marguerite Havlis over 2 years ago

Marguerite Havlis

Cathy Wayand over 2 years ago

Cathy Wayand

Audrey Russell-Kibble over 2 years ago

Audrey Russell-Kibble

Michelle Waters over 2 years ago

Michelle Waters, Thank you.

Marie Wrinn over 2 years ago

I'll pencil it in

Natalie Bell over 2 years ago

Natalie Bell

Phyllis Click over 2 years ago

Phyllis Click

Laura Mcpheeters over 2 years ago

Laura McPheeters

Martha Lizarraga De Garza about 2 years ago

I am planning to attend

Delaney Stratton about 2 years ago

Delaney Stratton

Niki Chieka about 2 years ago

Niki Chieka

Kathy Whitmore about 2 years ago

I am planning to attend. Thanks.

Tatsiana Krauchanka about 2 years ago

i am planning to attend, thank you.

Cynthia Elliott about 2 years ago

I am excited to attend!
Cynthia Elliott - Cindy

Conrad Cordova about 2 years ago

I am coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Siqueiros about 2 years ago

Shawn Siqueiros, better late than never ;-)

Samone Mock about 2 years ago

Samone Mock. Thank you!

Machelle Strand about 2 years ago

I'm not going to be able to attend tonight I am sick, sorry

Cynthia Elliott about 2 years ago

I will be there
Kendra Garcia - FNP Student

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