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Update on APRN Legislation

Posted almost 2 years ago by Paula Christianson-Silva


Your help is needed for Arizona’s advanced nursing practice scope of practice!

Do you want to have a voice about your scope of practice in Arizona as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)?

There is proposed Arizona legislation to support APRNs to move toward the ability to practice to the full extent of your education and training, as recommended by The Future of Nursing.

Please visit these sites to learn about how you can be part of helping Arizona meet the recommendations for practice! Arizona Nurses Association Arizona Action Coalition

NP Council

Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice (CAZNAP) Nurses Care 4 Arizona

There is information about the issues being addressed, summaries of research about safety and benefits of APRN practice, information about how to be part of the process, and updates on the progress of the legislation. You are receiving this announcement since you are part of an Arizona list serve/professional group.

This is part of my capstone project for my DNP at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Contact information:

Gwen Wodiuk, DNP student, MSN, FNP-C, member Arizona APRN Coalition