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Complicated Pain Workshop

Posted about 3 years ago by Valerie Kading

Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Jerry Lerner will be providing a Complicate Pain workshop November 7 & 8 where the attendee will be a Certified Complicated Pain Recovery Coach upon completion of the course. 11 CE credits available. To register, go to

Deadline to register is October 28, 2015.

Workshop Purpose:

Un-resolving pain often intersects with trauma, mood disorders or substance use disorders and complicates healing and recovery. Complicated Pain RecoveryTM focuses on the 85-90% of pain recovery that does not require direct medical expertise. This educational and coaching model holds that there are four major categories of complicating factors that get in the way of the natural recovery from a painful condition. Like the tumblers on a lock, all of these aspects must be treated in order to "unlock" the path to recovery from complicated pain. These four areas very briefly are:

Bio-mechanical stress
Metabolic inflammation
Inertial forces

These four areas correlate to the four aspects of pain: pain, suffering, tenderness and negativity.

This workshop delves into the true nature of un-resolving pain, as well as explains the four major complicating factors and how they interact to inhibit natural healing. Attendees will learn how to effectively assess their clients, educate them regarding the nature of their pain, coach them toward an integrated program of pain recovery, and identify when additional outside expertise is required.

This introductory level course provides 11 hours of CE credits